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These two kids lives are over and that is a great thing. They even cried in court and one of them was like "my life is over!" Yes it is buddy, yes it is. You are a registered sex offender for life and any employer googling your name for the rest of your life will see this as the first thing that come up on google page 1.

Now, some empathetic soul might say "aw that's too bad for these two boys. They were just kids and now some alcohol fuel night is going to haunt them the rest of their lives."

Yes. Yes it will. Let this be a lesson to other dumb kids who think, just because they are on the football team in HS, can do what they want. No you can't.
Yeah, I agree. I bet it's not the first time they did something like this. It jus tmight be the first time they posted it to the internet.
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