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Originally Posted by Pontius Pirate View Post
Yes, the victim's parents are to blame for her being 1) dragged out of a building passed out 2) having her top pulled off while people take pictures of it and joke about it 3) being raped in a car while someone else films it 4) being taken back to a house and stripped while someone masturbates on her 5) having a penis forced into her mouth at an attempt at oral sex while she was passed out 6) having another guy offer $5 if someone peed on her while she was passed out and then 7) have a bunch of guys upstairs laugh about it and say she was dead and raped

Yes, sir, the victim's parents sure ought to pay for that.
Again, the girl has a history, which I think the parents of said girl are responsible for. And you sir, can't read or comprehend to save your life, so piss off.
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