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M. Salah

So, I went to the Avs game tonight, coincidentally against the Chicago Blackhawks. I'm not a huge hockey fan, but I am a fan of live sports and a buddy organized a group thing for the "Guys Night Out" promotion. Cheap lower level tickets, a drink, etc. 3 of us were real hardcore hockey fans, and 3 of us were hardcore NBA fans. The latter 3 of us sat in our seats during the first period. During 1st intermission we found a spot to watch the Nuggets game as it was into the 4th quarter. With each passing minute, more people stop to watch. It didn't hurt that the Avs were getting dominated.

As OT is going on, 2nd intermission hits. And remember, you have a whole ton of Chicago fans too. Now the concourse is packed and nobody is moving. Security people tried to get people moving but finally gave up. It was a weird scene, especially with a live game going on not but 20 feet away, and oh yeah, no sound on the Nuggets game. The place erupted on the offensive goaltending and then McGee's block of the inbounds.

I'm just going to tell people I went to the Nuggets game tonight.
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