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Originally Posted by Hamrob View Post
I love AP...but, there wouldn't be enough carries for him in this offense.

He was the MVP last year.......becasue the Vikes suck!

I would taek J.J. Watt because I think he is the most dominant defensive player in the league right now.

JJ Watt

For the 2013/14 Broncos my biggest concern is leadership. Manning provides it on offense from a top down approach. But, don't underestimate Stokely's contribution to our recieving crew or Kuper in the locker room. Not to mention a guy like Koppen on the line.

On defense...where's it at? I think Doom may have provided a spark, and Brooking really helped out from a leadership standpoint.

This team next to Manning, and somewhat gravely deplete of leadership.

The Ravens were only average in my book...but, lewis and Reed lead them to a superbowl championship!!

I see a lot of leadership potential in Woodyard. The team loves him and rallies around him both on and off the field (He also won the Darrent Williams award picked by local media).

Last year seemed to be a real coming out party for him as a playmaker, and I see him maturing in JDR's scheme.

He gets my vote for defensive leader along w/Champ.
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