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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
First off I want to say i am not defending sex offenders. but I have heard the rate of repeat offenses is really low for sex offenders once they get released from prison. The re offending rates not high at all.
You are correct sir.

That said, there is a place for the registry. It just needs massive reform. It should be for a relatively short time following release (except for repeat offenders). It should be reserved for only the most egregious of sex offenses as well.

The sad truth is that the way we've expanded the sex offender registry has made it almost worthless. Right now I probably have 50 registered offenders within a mile of my house. When you do some digging you come to find out that the vast majority of them are on the list for very minor crimes (urinating in public, a 18 year old sleeping with a 15 year old, etc...). It makes it very easy for the possibly dangerous ones to simply be lost in all the noise.

I find it weird that the libertarians ont his board who decry the TSA as "security theater" fail to recognize that this is exactly the same thing. We keep expanding the registry because the terrified voting public sees it as a "get tough on crime" measure. It's not.
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