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Peyton Manning

I love AP...but, there wouldn't be enough carries for him in this offense.

He was the MVP last year.......becasue the Vikes suck!

I would taek J.J. Watt because I think he is the most dominant defensive player in the league right now.

JJ Watt

For the 2013/14 Broncos my biggest concern is leadership. Manning provides it on offense from a top down approach. But, don't underestimate Stokely's contribution to our recieving crew or Kuper in the locker room. Not to mention a guy like Koppen on the line.

On defense...where's it at? I think Doom may have provided a spark, and Brooking really helped out from a leadership standpoint.

This team next to Manning, and somewhat gravely deplete of leadership.

The Ravens were only average in my book...but, lewis and Reed lead them to a superbowl championship!!
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