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C J Anderson

Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
That's my point.

Time will always tell, because another "next big thing" is always just around the corner. You are the equivalent of the "The End Is Nigh" guy on the street corner. You've been there for centuries with the same tired message of fire, brimstone, societal collapse, the wonder of the gold standard, the danger of the new world order...then you temper you proselytizing with a "but I hope I'm wrong" tag, to pass yourself off as the prophet and savior of humanity.

It's all bull****.

I can only imagine what kind of hell this board would have been with you and Gaff on it in 1999.
You may as well stop reading my posts or responding to them as this will be my last response to you. I really don't have time for you. Please continue to enjoy your life, that is what I plan to do. Each and every day. What you presume as my fear is in fact my desire to inform. After all our power to defeat this is really quite simple, It rests in our numbers seeing the game and resisting. United we have great power over those few that would enslave us. Be well Houghtam.
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