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"Welp, get yer coats on kids, we gotta mosey on down to the Wal Mart and pick us up som more guns and ammo, then I gotta dig up that jar I money what got buried last month so's we can buy some more gold bars. Paul Craig Roberts and Wayne LaPierre said it so it must be true."

Why live with such abject fear and hatred? The global meltdown new world order or what the **** ever comes, even if you're armed to the teeth living in a compound, how long are you going to last? A few years? At what cost? Living every day cowering under the threat of a global meltdown? Listening to people who are proven to prey upon the fearful? Wasting money hoarding stuff?

I'm the one who should wake up?

Dude, I'm on freaking cloud nine right now and have been for the past year and a half. Considering if there's a global societal meltdown on the scale you guys are raging about, I don't plan on making it 6 weeks, I'd say I'm far and away in the black on this one.
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