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Originally Posted by SleepingTiger View Post
There is much blame to go around. For me, they did rape the girl and she will never be the same. The two boys should do jail time and more. However, labeling them as sex offenders is tough. This is something that will be with them for the rest of their life while the adults who let this happened is not held responsible. Maybe what I am trying to say is there should be some type of punishment for the parents, the people who hosted the party, the person who sold them the alcohol and anyone else who was at the scene who didn't make any attempt to stop the two boys.

I too am a parent of a girl and can't imagine anything like this happening to her. All I can say is I will do everything in my power to never let her be in a situation like this.
Bingo. 3 lives have been altered because of 1 night of mayhem involving drinking. Now, I did some wickedly stupid things when I was 17 too and I'm lucky to be alive, that being said, had I had any kind of long term concept of the damage and repercussions my actions caused perhaps I would have NOT been such a hooligan. My parents really didn't monitor my activities as I had good grades and played sports and whatnot, that being said, if they had known... yah, ass fried.

Parents need to be involved with their kids, especially at this age. They can't be naieve (spelling?). They can't ignore things like drinking and partying. They can't blame others for the consequences of their kid's behavior. They have to look in the mirror and accept that they are the most culpible adult in their kid's lives, period.

These two football players, I feel bad for them, I do. They have been living a lie. They have been coddled and enabled by not only their parents, but by the community as a whole. They made extremely bad choices and they advertised it, not only that, they were perhaps cheered along as it happened?
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