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Originally Posted by huh?? View Post
Okay, so then it's a real-life Lord of the Flies situation? There's a whole lot of shared responsibility that failed, but they seemed to go above and beyond the situation of horny teenagers wanting to "get some".

Maybe the whole town could be considered accessories to rape if we look at extreme measures. The kids who stood around and watched could be either witnesses or accessories to the crime. What about the one who captured it on video? Director/producer/distributor of child pornography? Granted, I've been following the story only topically, so I haven't seen all the details released to the public, but I did see the clip where she was dragged out for public display in either an unconscious or severely altered state where they had to blur out the parts of her body that were exposed.

As a father of a little girl, I can easily imagine the rage of that girl's parents and don't have a problem with marking them for life as sex offenders, forehead branding, castration, long slow violent deaths... whatever. I'm not the judge in that case, nor a jury so I don't have to look at it objectively. This wasn't a simple mistake made by errant teens. It was a drawn out sequence of terrible events that will forever scar the victim - and depending on her emotional structure, could lead to catastrophic circumstances for her later on in life. The ripple effect will be massive. (As it is for anyone who goes through such tragedies)

In Whoopi Goldberg terms: This was Rapity-Rape-Rape.
There is much blame to go around. For me, they did rape the girl and she will never be the same. The two boys should do jail time and more. However, labeling them as sex offenders is tough. This is something that will be with them for the rest of their life while the adults who let this happened is not held responsible. Maybe what I am trying to say is there should be some type of punishment for the parents, the people who hosted the party, the person who sold them the alcohol and anyone else who was at the scene who didn't make any attempt to stop the two boys.

I too am a parent of a girl and can't imagine anything like this happening to her. All I can say is I will do everything in my power to never let her be in a situation like this.
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