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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I think its shocking because they carried her around to different places passed. But fingering a girl, jacking off on her, although repugnant and a violation are not on the same level with other attacks we hear about. You know a person who rapes his niece over 10 yr period. A person who rapes more then once. A person who rapes and leaves someone for dead. Things we hear about every yr. I would like to see people like that executed, and kids like these given about what they got which was yr in prison.

My point was the sex offender registry is a dangerous slope. It has everything from child rapists to men cut urinating in public. Then we make laws saying they can't live by schools, parks, or anwhere children congregate. So they have nowhere to live and are forced out of society.

I'd rather we just kill people who really think are that dangerous. Why let them out? But to lump a HS kid who jacked off on a girl into a group with someone who got caught pissing, with someone who raped 4 women IMO is not a smart thing.

best thing like I said would be a way for one time offenders to get off the list after 5 yrs of probation and no more offenses.
You forgot to mention 1) forcibly sticking their ***** in her mouth and trying to get her to blow them while unconscious 2) taking pictures of her as they were hand-raping her and sending them out to their friends 3) asking people if they'd pee on her for $5

Or are you saying all those things are basically on par with peeing in public and therefore should not be considered heinous?
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