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I think it's wrong to label people there whole lives as sex offenders over this. One incident IMO unless its henious does not meet a standard for someone who is a life long threat deserved of being shunned by society forever.

We need to rethink the sex offender registry. How come we can't have a registry of violent people also. Hell make it so once convicted you can't work or have anywhere to live. That will work out well for us when we have 100's of thousands of former criminals forced to a life of crime over one incident.

A more sane judicial system would send these boys to detention for 1 yr. Then probation and on to the sex offenders list for 5 yrs. But after 5 yrs if no more incidents i think they should be able to get off the list.

i agree some people, like rapists of little children deserve to never get off the list but i would honestly rather just kill them and be done with it. Then save the offenders list for people we see as potential good citizens that just made a bad decision like these boys did.
Its depends on the State, and depends on the offense. Sexually Violent Predators (SVP) should never ger off the list, ever, and is most places you don;t have an appeal to the Sex Offender status. Then you have the grey area, the drunken party offense, the text my junk offense, the kids sexually axtive one being 18 one being 17 but consensual. At least in Florida, you have 1 appeal to your placement on the Sex Offender registry, 1 shot.

I have a good friend whose brother was caught in a Sting in Florida, chatting explcitly with a 16 year old girl... when she asked him to meet, he declined and told her he could no longer chat... 3 months later he was arrested. He spent 90 days in jail, is an registered S.O., and finally found one place that would hire him on as a pyschiatrist (only because they emphathize with him as they treat offenders of all sorts, and not underage pateints)... he's still on curfew, get random police checks, can't have a computer in his home, and attends therapy manadated by the State a few times per week and high expense... he has 1 appeal in Florida, one of the thoughest states on offenders, or its a life time deal. The question is, is this harsh, or do these people have tendency to repeat and shoud we protect our children at all costs?
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