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Originally Posted by SleepingTiger View Post
I can't believe I am saying this as I am conservative and believe that everyone is accountable for their actions. I think the crime does fit the punishment, but the punishment does not fit the circumstances.

When I was a teenager, I did some real crazy stuff. Did some of the stuff I do define the person I am 20 years later, no. These kids made a huge mistake. Their parents are the blame. As in the article stated, these kids did whatever they wanted and the adults looked the other way. As a matter a fact, the entire city looked the other way. These kids did what they thought was "ok" as the adults left them with no boundaries on their behavior. The kids felt they were privileged, and was not held on the same standard as everyone else. Does that mean the two boys are sex offenders? We don't know that. But to label them as such for the rest of their life is hard to accept. I did plenty wrong as a teenager, but what i did 20 yrs ago does not in any way represent the person I am today.

The previous points about the blanket SOR are good ones even though I'm in the camp thinking these guys are closer to the child rapists than they are to the 18yo having sex with a 17yo gf. That said, the above is ridiculous. If they don't have the moral compass to know better than to do this to another human,they NEED to be separated from society. It's scary that you actually believe yourself.
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