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Eric Decker

Originally Posted by DivineLegion View Post
Yea, that brings up a really good point. Who in the NHL front office hates the Bruins? You guys have played 22 games, and there are 43 days left (26 games in 43 days) comparison the Canes have 24 games left in 43 days, and we are literally playing every other night from here on out. I guess it's a blessing and a curse, but look what it did to Philly playing such a condensed season early on. It might bode well for the Flyers since they will have more rest than some of their opponents later on, and already went through a bulk of 'condensed schedual injuries'. I hope the Bs have some solid depth, because your about to realize what every one else in the league has already come to terms with; a game every other night in Hockey means a boat load of injuries.
Who in the NHL hates the Bruins They've played like the least amount of games. Every team has a very rough stretch of games. The Flyers was in the start of the season and the Bruins is now. It's nothing against the Bruins. I know that I'd rather have my hard stretch at the end of the season than the beginning right after a lockout.

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