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we will have to agree to disagree on this. When **** goes bad, a lot of guys give up.

Nash wasn't busting his ass all the time from what I saw. Remember many were wondering whatever happened to him.

But when it's a North American, it's "he needs change of scenery; get out of that hell hole"

When it's a European, it's "look at his half assing, killing his team."

It's the xenophobia that comes along with the Canadian media. They have to always put down European players so Canada is always #1 in hockey.

A lot of players half ass when teams are not good enough, even good ole Jarome Iginla.

It's just that Ovechkin is the evil Russian. He is punished for daring to go toe to toe with Canada's golden boy Crosby. The irony of it all is they squeezed every last $ out of Ovechkin. They loved marketing and making all that revenue off him.

Now they don't need him because Canada rules.
Just curious how much Canadian hockey coverage you watch?

There are plenty of N.A. players that get ripped just plenty. Dion Phanuef and Nazim Kadri are two examples that shoulder the blame every time the Leafs have a bad game. Here in Edmonton; Eberle is the future of the franchise and god forbid he have an eleven game streak without a goal, he shoulders the blame for the Oilers woes.

Ovechkin does get ripped but no more than N.A. players, and part of his thing is people will always put more blame on the guys with the $100M contracts, it comes with the territory in every sport.
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