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Originally Posted by Heyneck View Post
I get that. But we would be too dependent on Von for a pass rush. Wolfe on the other side doesn't scare anybody. All the other pieces that we have are unknown. We can't say Ayers will come in and produce. The dude has 6.5 sacks, and we can't say he hasn't been given a chance. Freeney has been on a steady decline and Abraham is soooooo overrated. Both come with injury history too and are long on the tooth.
If Von misses a prolonged time we are screwed!!!

That's why if Doom leaves us, I bet we go for DE in the 1st and a possible trade up.
Would not be surprised if we were planning DE even with Doom. They probably already said either this yr or next he's gone. I agree that if Von misses time that would hurt but that is true regardless of Doom. IMO Doom had plenty of 1-1 last yr and really didn't dominate. Miller he gets doubled and still dominates. Miller is head and shoulder above doom and when its all said and done will probably crush him in numbers.
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