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Originally Posted by Heyneck View Post
I get that. But we would be too dependent on Von for a pass rush. Wolfe on the other side doesn't scare anybody. All the other pieces that we have are unknown. We can't say Ayers will come in and produce. The dude has 6.5 sacks, and we can't say he hasn't been given a chance. Freeney has been on a steady decline and Abraham is soooooo overrated. Both come with injury history too and are long on the tooth.
If Von misses a prolonged time we are screwed!!!

That's why if Doom leaves us, I bet we go for DE in the 1st and a possible trade up.
If Doom doesn't come back the Broncos need a guy like Freeny to play of 3rd downs and come after the passer. In the end I bet we can make up the sacks and get better vs the run.

Having said that i want to reiterate that i hope Doom stays in Denver. He;s a player whose piss poor run defense is worth it because he can come off the edge in a hurry. But if he goes I think Broncos have a chance to not miss him that much and still get better on defense.

Sorry that i don't see this as horrible for this yr. I do understand how its frustrating and hard to see him go. But saying that because we finished 3rd vs the run that we don't need better run Defense from the dend spot is illogical IMO. We had a lot of times in 3rd and short, 4th and short, where our defense knew the run was coming and didn't make the stop. Stops like that are just as important as a sack although not as sexy to th media.
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