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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Here's a question: If a guy asks a girl out on a date to try and sleep with her, if she says yes fully aware of his intentions but with no intention of allowing him to, is she obligated to inform him?

no, not at all. this isn't a financial exchange it's human interaction. I will say that if the girl knows the guy well enough and wants to avoid an uncomfortable situation (especially in the case that the guy is somewhat of an a-hole) when he expects to "cash in" then she'd probably be well advised to turn down the date but to call it an obligation seems silly. That view seems to stem from the vantage point of a male attempting to maximize his efficiency and completely discounts the free will and personal interests of the potential woman.

if you want to talk about fairness of exchange, it sort of goes back to asking your friends out to dinner. You don't expect anything of them other than their company so I think that if the girl accepts the invitation and offers her company for the duration of the planned date then he has been fairly compensated for his efforts.

Besides, it's never the money or the setting, or the food that get most girls in bed. To varying degrees it probably has much more to do with his charm, charisma, friendliness, how interesting he is, and how he can hold a conversation and keep things lively and how those effects interact with many dynamic characteristics of the girls current state of being.
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