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TJ Ward

I like the setup for CU. Easy trip to Austin, not playing on anybody's home court which is nice. Illinois obviously can play... they beat Indiana and absolutely took Gonzaga behind the woodshed earlier in the year. Recently they have lost 4 of 6 but three of those were to top 15 teams, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio State.

Miami much the same. I have great respect for any team that can win the ACC Reg. season and then wrap up the tournament as well. Have a few ugly losses on their resume including Arizona by 20. Also, the Florida Gulf Coast loss by 13... yuck.

My question to you socal, how are your bigs? CU has played very well this year outside of a few teams that have impressive size in the paint. ASU absolutely frustrated the hell out of us like that. If teams don't have a huge size advantage, i'll give us a punchers chance against anybody.

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