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Originally Posted by elibroncofan View Post
doom put up most of his production against terrible teams too. And only had a sack or more in 9 games. Plus Abraham is better against the run, despite his age.

Freeney is probably still better at rushing the passer though. But he was invisible last season, and has struggled in his career on grass (according to colts fans)
What are you talking about? Abraham sucked even worst against the run. His 35 year old frame is also a a negative against him. Yeah... Doom did get his sacks against weak teams, but at least he did it on a more consistent basis (I would be more worried of him not getting sacks against scrubs). Did you even look at the teams that Abraham went against and wasn't able to get a sack? Lol. Half his sacks of the season against OAK and ARI... in 2 games!!! Lol. Keep trying to sell it buddy!!! Most ain't buying.

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