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Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
I love this draft, I think it's arguably amongst the very best. Joeckel went where he will likely go. Richardson went around his value point, possibly a little later (and I really prefer him in a one gap 5 tech role). Slay was a steal and probably went a half-full round later than he will. Same thing with McDonald, whom looks like the TE with the highest upside after Eiffert.

I probably would have docked you a grade for trading up in this very deep draft, which seems counterproductive overall, but I think you nailed the selection with Richardson, and you got steals in the 3rd, which you easily could have taken in the 2nd.

A+ for me.
I knew trading up as many times as I did was risky with this being a middle heavy draft, but I really wanted an impact DL player. Moving up again in the 3rd to get Slay was just because I had him ranked significantly higher than Wilson and didn't want to take the chance (which was a correct hunch) that he'd be drafted by Miami.
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