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Originally Posted by Quoydogs View Post
So I watched a show on TV last night about the cruise ship that hit rocks and went down about a year ago. The captain just bailed and didn't even notify the passengers. Anyways there was this lady on there b****en about the people were just all in it for themselves. She said everyone made sure the kids were taken care of but there was no woman and children first.

With woman's rights now should it still be woman and children first or just children first ?

If i was on a sinking ship and it was between my wife and I she would go but if it was some Lucy I did not know then why should I have to give up my seat if we have equal rights ?

How do you all fill on this subject ? Am I just an a-hole ? or do I have a valid point.
Why you would not try to save every one before yourself is a better question.
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