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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by elsid13 View Post
I like him as player, but I don't think he the sudden edge speed to turn the corner to play DE in the NFL. Though I will admit I was surprised he had 7.69 in the 3 cone drill, which is really good for a guy his size, it a lot slower then 7.30 that Werner ran or Datone Jones's (UCLA DE) 7.32. 40 times for DL don't mean much it about the 3 cone drill and the 20 yard shuttle.

Edit: Just for comparison Von Miller ran 6.70 3 cone drill
Do you really think any NFL team can afford the optimum player at every position? Like I keep trying to say, Jesse is a monster. In fact, that was his nickname at Alabama. He has a non-stop motor and requires a double team on every down. I'm frankly not worried about him rushing the QB on every passing down, although he's not bad at that either. Plus, he kicked ass as a guy getting RBs in tackles for loss. What he does in the pass rush is free up people around him, wherever you put him. He drives the pocket forward. That's always a benefit. He's going to cause some lane to be open. Put Von in that lane.
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