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Assuming that Doom now signs elsewhere where do the Broncos go from here?

Dooms cap hit is 4.9 mill, so that leaves us about 7 mill under. We need 4 for
rookies. So 3 million is left.
If the Broncos reach injury settlements with Mays and possibly Kuper ( rather see some renogiated contract there that retains him at a lower hit equal to his dead space) that should free up another 4-5 million.
So lets say we have 7.5 million cap available for FA.

Carlos Dansby is out there , so is Pollard. And Freeney and Abraham.

We will probably spend a high pick on a DE or OLB to try to replace doom.

LB is pretty poor draft pickings, but a pick needs to go there for future. 3rd or 4th round?

Frankly I think that Dansby may be our best choice now, at maybe 4-5 mill per, short term deal Fix the MLB position for this year and look to future draft for a true 3 down guy.

Any thoughts?
What's funny is that there is a $4.9 million cap hit thus they only save $7 million by cutting Doom. Isn't Doom worth $7 million. Elway ****ed this up. THE ONLY WAY THE BRONCOS COME OUT AHEAD IS IF DOOM ACCEPTED THE PAY CUT AND CAME BACK. They scerwed the pooch on this one.
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