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Originally Posted by CBF1 View Post
Like another poster stated, You have jumped the gun in panic, I am very glad Elway is in charge. The sky has not fallen, Doom is not gone yet as there is a chance he might still be in a Denver uniform come this month.
As stated at the start....Assuming Doom signs elsewhere.

If they can get Doom back then all this is not needed. I think it is unlikely, unless Dumervil tells his agent to "make it so".

I fully agree that we should pick best player available in the Draft ...but since there are so many good DE/DT players in the draft we probably will spend a high pick there...depends on how things fall.

Also assume that we are in win NOW mode, and the MLB in this draft iare Mehhh at best. If we sign Dansby to a 1 or two year deal we can wait for the future years for MLB . I don't know what he would cost, but 3-4 mill is probably in the ballpark.

As to taking another LB, I mean outside pass rush type ( to replace Doom). Again best player will come into play , but if we don't sign Freeney or Abraham, then we will be looking for one in the draft this year also. Doom was a 4th himself, no?

I'm as pissed as anyone at this mess, just postulating thoughts as to where the team should go/look. And I think, if there is more FA money to be spent perhaps a decent MLB is a better direction to go, if we lose doom.
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