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Marvin Austin

Originally Posted by ScottXray View Post
Assuming that Doom now signs elsewhere where do the Broncos go from here?

Dooms cap hit is 4.9 mill, so that leaves us about 7 mill under. We need 4 for
rookies. So 3 million is left.
If the Broncos reach injury settlements with Mays and possibly Kuper ( rather see some renogiated contract there that retains him at a lower hit equal to his dead space) that should free up another 4-5 million.
So lets say we have 7.5 million cap available for FA.

Carlos Dansby is out there , so is Pollard. And Freeney and Abraham.

We will probably spend a high pick on a DE or OLB to try to replace doom.

Only if this player is BPA when we pick, Denver does not reach for players of need very often

LB is pretty poor draft pickings, but a pick needs to go there for future. 3rd or 4th round?

LB position sucks, So you want us to waste a low/middle round pick on crap

Frankly I think that Dansby may be our best choice now, at maybe 4-5 mill per, short term deal Fix the MLB position for this year and look to future draft for a true 3 down guy.

Let me get this straight, You want to waste a 3rd-4th round pick this year.... Over pay Dansby this year AND look to the future to replace what you are recommending wasting a pick this year and 4-5 million on?
Any thoughts?

Like another poster stated, You have jumped the gun in panic, I am very glad Elway is in charge. The sky has not fallen, Doom is not gone yet as there is a chance he might still be in a Denver uniform come this month.
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