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Originally Posted by razorwire77 View Post
Bacchus, you seem like a pretty intelligent guy, so I'm just going to assume your Doom homer tail is showing.

There is no way in the name of Baby Jesus Tebow that Doom didn't know this was going on. We're not talking about staying on the line to win free tickets to see REO Speedwagon at the state fair here. We're talking about 7 and 8 figure NFL contract negotiations. Do you honestly think Elvis wasn't on speaker phone with his agent, or even sitting in the office with the agent when they tried to pull this scam?
You seem like a pretty intelligent guy too. Why would Elvis pull this, rather than just decline the extension and go elsewhere?

It makes him look bad. Makes his agent look bad.

What's more likely: that Elvis helped hatch this diabolical scheme? Or that his agent -- who has only one big time client and works out of that hotbed of contract negotiations middle Pennsylvania -- is a ****ing moron?
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