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What he's saying Kaylore is that Dumervil and his agent were hoping the Broncos wouldn't release him while waiting on the new contract to be sent over, thus guaranteeing his 12 million for this year. If the Broncos didn't cut him at 1:59, but instead waited in good faith, the 12 million would be guaranteed.

The new faxed contract, arriving at 4:07, no longer would have replaced the old contract because the meeting of the minds for the entire purpose of the new contract would no longer have effect, that being to avoid the deadline and the 12 million guaranteed. The consideration and parameters have materially changed. Meaning both parties go back to the drawing board, but now Dumervil has all the leverage.

The Broncos were aware of this and had made it known to release him at 1:59 if no contract had been received.

Now, if that's what the plan really was, who knows. But, that's the point Enjolras is trying to make I believe.
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