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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Read the New Yorker article, Gaffo. If you have the guts. No propaganda. Just the facts from the streets of Caracas. Having had a decades long friendship with some Venezuelans, including a relationship with a beautiful woman from Caracas, I know how they feel about Chavez. He was an ignorant thug. I'm not surprised that Oliver Stone thinks he was a hero. Stone is one of the most deluded people I've ever seen. Well, next to you, Gaffo.
The people of Venezuela elected this man four times by wide margins -- despite repeated coup attempts by the CIA.

Do you believe in democracy, Ro? Evidently not.

Some of the criticisms are no doubt true. But the important fact is that Chavez changed the balance of power -- by shifting resources to the poor.

You would prefer to keep the rich oligarchs in power? Evidently you stand with the 1%.
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