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With the 128th selection in the OM NFL Draft, The San Francisco 49ers select...

Matt Scott, QB Arizona

STRENGTHS: Dual-threat passer well-suited to today's NFL. Has an efficient setup and delivery of the football, including a quick release. Throws a tight spiral with plenty of velocity to make every throw. Can drive passes through tight windows, including on deep in-cutting routes and the deep-out.

Very good accuracy, velocity on slant routes. Shows good touch to loft passes between defenders and down the sideline. Good ball placement. Consistently hits his receivers in stride, providing them the opportunity to gain yardage after the catch.

Good elusiveness in the pocket and looks to remain a passing threat rather than simply run. Keeps his eyes downfield and is accurate on the move (especially to his right), showing the ability to square his shoulders and deliver passes with zip.

Tough. Returned from the big hit that caused a concussion (Utah) and played through it. Willing to stare down the barrel and take the big hit to complete the throw. Selfless teammate who took a redshirt in 2011 to return as Arizona's starter once Foles left.

WEAKNESSES: Possesses a lean build that may make him more prone to injuries, especially given his willingness to run with the ball. Started just 17 games at Arizona and missed one game last year (Colorado) after suffering a concussion in the third quarter against Utah.

Was a perfect schematic fit for Rich Rodriguez's offense and will need time to acclimate if placed into a more traditional pro-style attack, including taking snaps from center. Has a slight 3/4 release point which makes his lack of preferred height even more of an issue. Often was allowed to make throws based on his initial read in this offense and has a tendency to get happy feet when he's forced to come off of his first target.
Generally an accurate-passer, though when is off-target, Scott is generally high, forcing his receivers to adjust and potentially absorb big hits. Only 17 career starts

Pick made at 149 MST.
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