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Originally Posted by manchambo View Post
I'm not down on him at all. In fact I'm most concerned about throwing him out there if he's not ready and damaging his development. I would also like to have a Bubby Brister to fall back on if the need should arise. Wouldn't have to be Kolb but someone like him. Someone who will come at a decent price and won't **** the bed. Kolb is not a starter, but I think he could avoid a complete disaster for a few weeks.
I see what you're saying, and I agree. It gets kind of scary when you throw a young QB to the wolves. But really having him behind Manning for a full year should quell some of those concerns. Also you have to wonder if it would hurt his confidence if you brought someone in to be the 2nd string QB. I couldn't say for sure, but I trust Elway and crew will do the right thing.
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