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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by bpc View Post

You know how bad we could have used a sledge hammer like this against Baltimore? Guy makes Jarvis Jones look like a boy a few times in this video. Guys don't want to tackle him. I have questions about how he carries the ball but I imagine that's a coaching thing that can be fixed. Guy is a beast. Get the LB's playing on their toes so they don't get embarrassed in the run game, means they are late to their pass coverage duties. If they play the pass, thats Lacy knocking them about 3 yds back on contact. Pick your poison boys.
Totally agree on Lacy, if we can somehow bag him. Bell is a solid option 2 if we dont get very lucky and have Eddie somehow slip to our spot.. If he drops to 24 or so it will be VERY hard not to want to trade up a few spots to grab him and avoid a Martin repeat of last year where someone nabs him the pick before us.... Anyway, there is no way in hell, even with our sucky right guard play in the Balt game, that Lacy doesn't lock it up and win the whole thing with getting at least 1 freaking yard on that last drive before the colossal Rahim the Nightmare FUBAR could even happen.

Had we a guy like Lacy along with now a second year Hillman as a much improved Lightening combo back there is no way we wouldnt be playing for our second Lombardi in a row this year two of the Manning era...that is a fact.

With Vasquez at RG along with Orlando the right side of the line is a road grader now ... throw in Welker along with DT and Deck paired up with a stud rookie RB ... hopefully Lacy or Bell or maybe Stephan from Stanford ... and we could well have the scariest team in football.

Looking very good so far. Elway is the BOSS what he has done with this team in two years, really amazing! A solid draft and we are golden for the next few years.
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