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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
Well that is fine but look at his argument. Manning never threw deep. Ravens started playing up close to the LOS.

The guy might have a point. It was frigging cold and maybe that affected his arm.

Manning's arm should be even better this year but maybe worth keeping an eye on how he plays in cold weather.
Well I think the guy who wrote the article was focusing on lack or arm strength changing the way he played more so then how the cold affected how he played. Did the cold affect him. I'm sure it affected everybody to some degree. Did Manning's arm not have as much strength as what, the 2 games prior to that? I doubt he lost much strength. He got a bye week basically. And you have to imagine the adrenaline factor. Nobody's even talking about this if not for one stupid bad play, and I mean the Moore jump ball.
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