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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
Trying to score and trying to run the clock out are two different things. Also Denver had 4 possessions after they scored a TD last of of which was the kneel down. So that article is WAY wrong.
That was a good article. Dude said "not including the kneel downs". One for 8, not including the kneel downs.

And certainly there were some wobblers by Peyton, and certainly he didn't go downfield except the one time when Thomas was leg-whipped. Baltimore offered him the underneath and tackled really well, so the article was correct, there was no real challenge downfield in the passing game. Balt played cover one, cover two, kept everything underneath, tackled fast and swarmed.

And Denver got out-coached by Baltimore's Offense. Denver on D did everything different from the reg season when they whooped Baltimore. Champ in the slot? Really? Tony Carter playing LCB? What? Von Miller dropping into coverage instead of pressuring Flacco? Baltimore attacked the left side of the defense all day long and had great success, Denver's coaches never countered it. The infamous Rahim play, Champ was in the left slot, Tony Carter playing LCB covering the guy that ties the game and sends it into overtime. WTF? Tony Carter playing LCB instead of Champ?
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