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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
NO. And anybody here who thinks any RB is going in the 1st round is delusional. Lacy top of the 2nd. A few others mid second, and so on.
Lacy is a first round lock in my book. I think Pittsburgh will take him at 17th overall, worst case Green Bay will snag him at #25. We'll have to trade up to get him.

Franklin will go in the 2nd Round. That might be it. Bernard and Bell should be next late 2nd - 3rd. Ball, Ellington, and Michael have a shot at the 3rd round. Lattimore probably goes in the Mid-late 4th, Randle, Johnson, and Gillislee are in that late 4 - 5th round mix. Davis is the wild card. He could go from the 3rd-6th.

This is a terrible draft for RBs. Lacy is elite. Franklin is very good. Bernard, Bell, and Ball look solid. The rest have questions and/or flaws.
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