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Originally Posted by Hamrob View Post
The only guy left in free agency worth a turd is Bradshaw. I don't think I'd spend my #1 on Lacy. Although, some say the Jets will take in early in the 2nd if he gets through.

I would be o.k. using a 3rd...or trading a 3rd.........for the right guy (Williams/Stewart). You can probably draft Taylor in the 3rd.

I hope we use our 1st and 2nd on MLB/CB.
Well, we have our DeAngelo Williams in Ronnie Hillman. We need a Jonathan Stewart. Carolina is not trading him.

So that means we need a 6'0, 230 lb RB that runs a 4.4, is durable, and can be a battering ram capable of 300 carries. Lets there any RB in the draft like that?

Yes. There are three. Only one of which seems like a remotely sure thing.

1. Eddie Lacy
2. Christine Michael
3. Knile Davis

And, of course, our own made of glass, Mario Fannin.

As for CB. I don't see it. We are going to carry five in all likelihood. Champ, DRC, Harris, Carter, and Bolden. We already carry an extra secondary guy just for special teams in Bruton. I doubt we draft a CB unless it's late and we think we can get him on our Practice Squad, or leave him as a gameday inactive.
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