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Originally Posted by broncos-rock View Post
Bradshaw definitely and maybe Felix jones. Maybe a trade for blount from Tampa. I just don't think any rookie will get substantial playing time. I honestly think they expect Hillman to be the guy.

I don't. Fox believes in two elite RBs.

In 2003, his second season with Carolina, he brought in Stephen Davis and drafted DeShaun Foster high in the draft. Davis had 300 carries, Foster had 100 while mostly playing on passing downs.

In 2004, Davis got hurt early, Fox kept Foster in the passing down role and went with Nick Goings as his bulldozer.

In 2005, Foster became the primary back while Davis struggled in his return from his ACL. Goings went to third string. Foster also remained in the passing down role.

In 2006, Fox spent a 1st Round pick on DeAngelo Williams. Foster was the primary RB, while DeAngelo took over the passing down work. Carries were split about 230, to 120.

In 2007, things remained idential. Foster primary back, Williams passing back/change of pace. Carries were 250, to 150.

In 2008, Fox spent a 1st Round pick on Jonathan Stewart. DeAngelo was the primary back and receiving back, Stewart just was a change of pace. Carries were 275, to 175.

In 2009, the backs had an even split, both went over 1000 yards. DeAngelo played on the passing downs. Carries were roughly 220 each.

In 2010, Fox spent a 3rd Round pick on Mike Goodson. DeAngelo tore his ACL, so Stewart was the main back with Goodson as the passing down back/change of pace. Carriers were 180, to 100. Clausen was QB, so the team didn't have a lot of offensive snaps. This was Fox's last year.

In 2011, Fox now with Denver brought in Willis McGahee, similar to how he brought in Stephen Davis. Moreno was the passing down back until he tore his ACL. , then it became Lance Ball. Carries were 250 McGahee, 120 Tebow, 100 Ball.

In 2012, Fox spent a 3rd Round pick on Ronnie Hillman. McGahee was the primary back until his injury, Hillman was the 3rd down back. Moreno jumped to the two down back when McGahee went down. Hillman stayed as passing down back/change of pace. Carries were around 300 for McGahee/Moreno, and 85 for Hillman.

In 2013, Fox will spend a 1st Round pick on Eddie Lacy. I expect it will look alot like 2008 with Hillman as the passing down back and primary RB until Lacy becomes that guy, which would probably be 2014. At which time we will have our own DeAngelo/Stewart multi 1000 yard combo situation.
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