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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
Nothing gaffe ever claims ever does.

He makes vast leaps in "logic", and never bothers to explain his "reasoning".

gaffe's idea of logic

1. The earth is round.
2. Therefore WTC7 was felled by controlled demolition.

Never mind there's about 1,000,000,000 steps between 1. and 2. He doesn't care to mention them, much less justify them.
I don't even think Iran exists, to be honest. I mean, I've never been there, I've never met anyone from there, and if you look at a map, it just doesn't seem like there should be land's like someone colored in half of the Persian Gulf in green on the first map, and then forgot about it, and it's been a cover-up by the Israelis ever since to keep control of oil and crickets in the region. Oil for cars, and crickets, know...for the lizard people.
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