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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
I think he's a little more tentative in that game because he was playing against one of the faster Ds in college. He still busted loose for a TD. Anyway, we're talking about a fourth round pick, not a first rounder. I just don't think any RB in this class is worth a 1st and really hope the Broncos don't spend their 1st on one. As a fourth rounder, I wouldn't expect Stepfan to be a top tier back right away, but he might get there. He's a hard worker and a dedicated guy. Great effort guy. Great lockerroom guy. He would serve Peyton's protection needs very well and he'd be reliable, dependable and sturdy in a backup role for KM (which we could really use).

I agree. Mediator was suggesting a potential 2nd-3rd round draft value on him. That part I'm a little hesitant about. I think his value is late 4th-5th round area. It looks like his blocking ability is by far his best attribute. He looks pro-ready. I think that goes to Mediator's comments about his intelligence and intangibles. But I don't see a weapon at RB, just a try hard type. I think John Fox really prefers the weapon. All of the backs he has drafted back to DeShaun Foster had top-line speed. Even the backups like Mike Goodson.

I fully expect us to draft Eddie Lacy. I do think he's well worth a 1st Round pick. 4.4 speed, extremely agile and quick, strong, good blocker, violent runner. There's some Jonathan Stewart there, and Fox really liked him. He just has to get past Pittsburgh and Green Bay. Wouldn't surprise me if we trade up. It seems like there is Lacy and then every other RB in this draft. And he has the size/speed/durability that Fox gets a chubby for.
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