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Originally Posted by Jetmeck View Post
you guys truly believe we will go rb first round ?

we win now, thats plan A and I DON'T want the 18 million dolar man
getting blind sided because a rook rb missed his block..................
I would imagine Hillman will be the passing down back this next season. Hopefully he'll have added 15 lbs of muscle over the offseason. Rookie RBs can be good blockers, some come in ready to go. This Taylor guy that Mediator likes looks like a refined blocking RB. I'm sure there are other rooks like that as well.

Rotoworld broke down Eddie Lacy, here's the brief analysis on his blocking:

Lacy was more impressive as a pass protector than catcher. I charted ten of his blitz-pickup opportunities, and he decisively "won" eight. Trailing 29-17 with 4:30 left against Texas A&M, it was Lacy's pad-rattling chip block on RE Damontre Moore that allowed McCarron to drop back cleanly and find receiver Kenny Bell in stride for a 54-yard bomb deep down the middle, nearly sparking a comeback win. Against Notre Dame, Lacy's punishing pass block on blitzing Te'o freed up McCarron to hit receiver Christion Jones for a 27-yard strike deep down the right sideline.
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