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kc will win maybe 4 games. I still don't understand why Reid got Alex Smith to be his QB. Smith is a game manager, a dink and dunker. Reid likes to air it out. McNabb had the strongest arm in the NFL and Reid used it. Alex Smith's game does not match Reid's system so unless Reid is going to change something, I just don't see how these two are going to get along.

Then the whole running game thing. Yes, Jamaal Charles is a beast but Reid is notorius for not running the ball. So, again, how is this going to be good for Charles? The only player who might have a big season is Dwayne Bowe, if Alex Smith can get him the ball.

As for kc's defense, who knows? It's a big mystery as of right now. Are they a base 3-4 or a what? I don't recall anything discussed on this issue.
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