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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Stepfan might not be a "John Fox type" back, but he sure strikes me as an excellent PmfM type back. Watch him on blocking and screens. Plus, he hits the hole so fast, with such quickness and precision, that it could only enhance the play action. LBs would be forced to pause for that split second necessary to get Welker the quick shot.
I agree he's a good blocker and he does a nice job on screens. I completely disagree, after watching the USC game tape, that he's remotely quick to the hole though. He takes a bit to build up steam. He has two highlight type plays in this game, which was his best game of the season, including probably his best run this year, but 95% of the game was slow plodding.

I'm more concerned that Stanford's entire offensive plan focuses on the power running game. When the Broncos had their cut block scheme in effect, it was the same type of concept, which is why guys like Mike Anderson and Olandis Gary looked good running in it. I feel that is who Stepfan Taylor is. And, that's how good the Stanford rushing attack is. Look at Toby Gerhart. He was exponentially more talented and skilled than Taylor. He's just a guy in the NFL, and he's even still in a run first scheme.

Nobody seems to be considering Stanford's scheme and whether Taylor was a product of it in this evaluation. They are one of the few college teams to use a Fullback almost every snap. They also tend to use two tight ends to block. Along with use of the wildcast from time to time.

Anyway, USC game cut up for Taylor. Much better for evaluation than a highlight package.
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