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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
I totally agree about the agility and explosion. However, some of that IS mental and is anticipation. Not being the fastest or quickest physically does not mean you can not have agility or explosion on the field. Jerry Rice was not horribly athletic coming out, but his cuts and explosion on the field were Legendary. He did this mentally, not physically. Same thing with Emmit Smith. Same thing with Morris.

Watch his tape, his cuts, his blocking set up, and then his explosion through the hole. Tell me he looks slow. If you still think that, well we just have to stop there. To me, he has all the agility and explosion to average 5 yards a carry in the NFL, despite NOT getting to pad his numbers with 80 yard TD runs. He also excels in short yardage getting lean as well as any back i have seen in awhile. That is what I see.

And by Johnson. I think you meant Taylor right?

Yeah, I was just re-watching his game cut-up against USC to make sure I know what I'm talking about. I think in my brain, that somehow triggered Stafon Johnson, the RB, from USC last year or the year before. Happens. Got over a decade of draft prospects tumbling around in my head.

Anyway, the USC game was his best game this year. Here's his complete cut-up:

He has the one really nice run, probably his best of the year, with a few jump cut/stutter moves, but 95% of the game is slow plodding into the line for minimal gains, and that's with a lot of emphasis on the FB and blocking TEs.

His tape against Notre Dame, whom Lacy destroyed, was the same thing except there were no big plays, just plodding. That was probably his worst game this year.

He's a good blocker for sure, and has good hands for simple screens, but I'm just skeptical about how much value that alone provides. I do understand those are valuable traits.

Anyway, really looking forward to your other selections in the draft game. Agree or disagree, I can appreciate someone that puts time and research into formulating their opinions.
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