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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
RB is NOT a speed position. That is a copout. Period. He plays faster than he times, and despite that and people lining up to stop him, he dominated at times with no real passing threat last year (See Oregon). I hate it when people use non football numbers to quantify draftees. Sure it does matter, his lack of speed will keep him from being the 1st back off the board.

However, remember TD and Emmit Smith also had Horrible combine numbers. With Smith, Johnson knew what he was getting and did not blink to take him in the first round. No one Knew about TD coming out, except he had durability issues. No one Knew about Morris last year either. He was not even in the top 30 RB's coming out, mainly due to his speed, or lack thereof and small school stature.

Tell me he can not impact in the NFL because of his speed. Seriously. I,ll show a ton of RB who did, despite their speed.

RB is NOT a speed position.

I agree to a point. But if you don't have speed, you'd better have agility, explosion, balance, or some other attribute to make you successful. At least if you run a 4.4, we know you can run in a straight line for a touchdown if the Red Sea parts. Emmitt was very agile and had incredible balance, he also had one of the best O-lines ever. TD had great balance and explosion, but also played in a superb system with elite O-linemen. Morris actually tested well in the agility drills, he was just somewhat slow, and he's in Shanahan's system with defenses keying on Griffin's playactions.

Scheme can make a RB, and scheme made Johnson successful at Stanford, just like it did with Gerhart before him. I agree with your point that if a RB fits a scheme, that team should draft him. But, they should draft him at the right draft value. I am hesitant to believe in Johnson at the NFL level though due to his lack of athleticism in every conceivable way. Intelligence and toughness can only get you so far. We'll see how far it can get you with Johnson's career in the year(s) to come.
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