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TJ Ward

I think Lacy is the guy I would throw my 1st round pick at if available. The great thing about Bama, they run a lot of the same formations Peyton Manning does. You can see the 3 WR sets, you can see ace formation, you can see ace w/ strong motion, and he runs a lot of from weak formations, something we try to do as well to keep defenses off-balance.

He's not a sexy back. Ok speed, very good quickness for a guy his size. Hands are average but can keep the defense honest. Isn't polished as a blocker but has a huge frame which normally gets the job done for him. He will get better, with better coaching there.

Drafting a guy like this while many will scream value later in the draft is that guaranteed affect on the team. 3rd and shorts aren't a question anymore. He has the power to go through you but enough quickness in the phone booth to make somebody miss and still get that 1st down. The great close quarter backs can do it. I imagine he'd have a Alstott like impression on this team. Play 7 or 8 in the box and Peyton is going to eat them alive. Play with 6 in the box and Lacy is going to break off 4-5 yds consistently with the opportunity for much more.

Ultimately this team is built around Manning and his improv skills. So give him the tools to keep teams honest and we'll put up 35 ppg. The defense is setup where you have 3 very good cornerbacks, some solid safety play, LB's are good-ok but also an area that's easy to find players at in the draft, and you have a solid defensive front, no worse than last year even without doom as Ayers & Wolfe are going to be going into another season with more experience.

Score, score, score and the defense should force a bunch of sacks and turnovers next year.
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