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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
You don't know how fortunate you are! Because many (most?) men have the exact opposite problem. The grass is always greener I suppose...
I got smart after dating some Seriously High maintenance girls growing up in Hamilton County here in Indiana. Women here expect Money to be spent on them and by them

Meeting a gorgeous woman who was rational, thrifty, ate real food and Worked out was a God Send. I knew she was special right away, but it took a few years to see how damn Loyal she was too. That was the sealing deal. I do not worry about her at all. I support her and she supports me. She got a guy who talks to her at a real deep level and I got a woman who understands its not all about her.

I've got a rock solid woman, and I am not going to screw that one up!
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