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Originally Posted by bronco_diesel View Post
Is it me, or does this guy look like Knowshon?
He's a great athlete, seems to do the hurdle or spin move a lot. He's got good speed but may not have the burst of others?

I like what I see, but wondering if we already have this guy on our roster.

I should add though, he as a really good cut up the running lane.
This is going to be extraordinarily high praise, but I think he can be just as good of a player as Matt Forte in the NFL. His receiving skills and burst are not as great as him, but he can definitely carry the ball 250 times a year and get another 35-45 catches in an offense like this. He already averaged a good amount of catches a season in college with far less games.

He is hungry and has a desire to get better. He knows what he has to do to get the next level and I am confident he willl. I see some similarities to Knowshon, but I think Bell has superior strength and decisiveness hitting the hole. If Knowshon was ever healthy and could stay healthy, he would be a perfect back for this offense too. Unfortunately, I think this is the last time we will see him with the Broncos.
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