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TJ Ward

Lacy would be a bellcow. That I like. I'm normally against taking backs earlier than 2nd/3rd round but he's an interesting one to look at.

I like Bell and Kenjon Balmer. The latter is much more difficult to evaluate because of the offense he is coming out of. By nature, the Oregon offense eliminates 1-2 defenders per play based on deception which won't happen in the NFL so many of the wide open plays he had, won't be there. That being said, I thought he was ok breaking tackles, has very good speed and isn't small. Could be a 2nd/3rd round sleeper based on splitting time and question marks coming from Oregon offense.

I also like Bernard but wonder if he's too similar to Hillman.

Either way, we need somebody who can pick up a 3rd and 1, something that cost us dearly against Baltimore in regulation and then after. We need somebody who will make a defense pay for playing the pass. I think from whom we've talked about bringing in, we're looking for a sledge hammer to compliment Hillman and would be akin to the setup that Carolina had w/ Stephen Davis and Deshaun Foster under Fox. I wouldn't count Lacy out for the 1st round pick if he's there. Elway has decided to go all in over the next couple years for a super bowl and Manning. HB is a weakness, he might just try to get the best guy available and he can spend the rest of the draft picks on defensive players.
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