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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
1. DT's contract is up 2 years from now, then we can franchise him. Not worth $10M per year, we can just draft another WR.
2. Decker is not worth the same as Welker (the most productive WR in the NFL).
3. Harris is a Nickel CB, and not close to worth $8M per year. You're out of your mind.
4. I already factored in Beadles at $4M-$5M per year.
5. The Broncos won't be signing Von Miller to $15M per year in 2015, and if they do, he won't last long under that contract.

The Broncos are finally almost at the point where they can draft BPA. The only player on the roster who is not replaceable is the elite QB. Elway has made it pretty obvious, that if you're trying to 'break the bank', unless you're Peyton Manning, you can play somewhere else.
Amendola is apparently worth the same as Welker and I would rather have Decker than Amendola. Decker's age, and the fact that he is an outside receiver is what makes him worth as much as Welker.

Von is going to get a $100,000,000 contract. He will be making much closer to $15M a year than $10M. Hell, Doom made $14M last year.

Nickle CB is a starter in the NFL, and there aren't many good ones out there. Chris Harris is a stud and is worth just as much, if not more, than DRC and Sean Smith. Harris can play both inside and outside...

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