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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
I appreciate that response and intelligent rebuttal.

You put excellent thought into it, but you see a different player than I do. I won't discount his intangibles, such as intelligence or scheme familiarity, but I don't think he's a good RB prospect. I think he was a product of the system in Stanford and projects as a better receiving, albeit less athletic, downhill Shonn Greene. Now, is a potential 850 yard, 3.7 YPC back solid value at the end of the 4th? Sure. So, for this game, you did fine in my book (Not that my book means a thing to anybody else). But I *don't* hope the Broncos draft him, and I don't think we will. He's not a John Fox type back, which is why we're all too happy to replace the plodding McGahee.

Your opinion is just as valid as mine though, probably moreso on this forum, and I've been wrong before on many things like everyone else, but we'll see on this. I'll be shocked if Taylor goes before the Late 4th at best, and I'll definitely have to give you props for seeing something I don't.

You and Rev gave me some heat for not having Brandon Thompson ranked highly last year for the draft, and that turned out okay. We'll see how this one goes. These types of evaluation conflicts make the actual draft infinitely more enjoyable for me. It's like fantasy football almost, seeing if the guys you like and don't like perform to your expectations. So, now I have Jon Bostic and Stepfan Taylor as focal points. Hopefully, I get some more.
Stepfan might not be a "John Fox type" back, but he sure strikes me as an excellent PmfM type back. Watch him on blocking and screens. Plus, he hits the hole so fast, with such quickness and precision, that it could only enhance the play action. LBs would be forced to pause for that split second necessary to get Welker the quick shot.
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